About Us

Why, hello there! We are a NZ based Social Media Marketing company that achieves meaningful, measureable impact for your brand through social media.

Socialbite the Marketing Branding Website Company

Who we are:Socialbite

Hey! We are Socialbite, a New Zealand based Social Media Marketing company.  The idea came from Co-Founder Stefan Du Toit who was working as a Real Estate agent in Auckland. He noticed that the agents in his office would regularly talk about wanting to spend more time advertising on Social Media but lacked the skills and/or time to create meaningful campaigns. This regularly meant lacklustre results on their campaigns even though they knew of the large successes other people were finding through social media. Socialbite was born as a solution to this problem.

The first success story was that of a small Nail Salon in Pokeno. The owner had been experiencing trouble getting business and was feeling like the store may have to close down. Stefan set up a website for her business and launched Socialbite’s first-ever ad campaign. The results were incredible, with the $60 ad campaign generating over $2,500 worth of revenue in just the first month. The owner was ecstatic and it ignited a spark within the salon and returned the passion she once had. The feeling of being able to help a business do a complete 180 was enough to get us hooked and Socialbite has since found these stories to be increasingly common.


What we do:Websites, Branding, Marketing

Socialbite on the surface may appear to be a Social Media advertising company but in reality, we are much more than that. For better advertising, you need better data, and that is why we have assembled a team of expert website developers to create websites designed not only to promote your brand but to gather data from your audience. This makes ad targeting much more precise and generates a higher ROI for your ad spend.

We don’t aim just to advertise your products/services but to create an online identity for your brand. This is why we offer branding services too, which includes logo design, website graphics, business cards, letterheads, banners and even photography so that your business can stand out and look professional.


How we do it:Our strategy

Since the first days of Socialbite, we have come a long way and you’ll be pleased to know we have gotten exponentially better at what we do.

Social Media Advertising:

We use an efficient 4-step strategy that can be implemented across a large variety of business types.

    1. We learn about your brand and design a strategy to target the audience with the highest propensity to convert. Our creative experts design a variety of different ads based on current trends.
    2. Your ads are first launched! At first, we cast a “wide net” meaning we target a large number of people within your target audience and gather data about the audience, the ads, and behavioural tendencies.
    3. We analyse the data and refine your ads accordingly. Sometimes this can mean reducing the number of ads running and redirecting that spend towards your most successful ads.
    4. Launch highly targeted ads aimed directly at the audience with the highest propensity to convert. Then identify opportunities to increase conversions, and re-targeting the most valuable members of your audience.

Website design: 

we look at your brand and find a large pool of websites of similar brands that we think you may like. Then we model your website off the best bits from each of the suggestions. Once the website has been completed we install software on the website that enables us to track visitors and target advertising towards them.

Brand Design:

Every brand needs some pop. We have an expert team of award-winning graphic designers that can create an entire stunning and modern brand image and identity for you or spruce up your existing one. We find what you like and our designers present to you a guaranteed 20 different design styles which we then refine until we have something that you are 100% satisfied with.